Why We Celebrate Farmer’s Day?

Farmer's Day

Farmer’s Day is a national observance to celebrate the significant national contributions of rural agricultural farmers and agriculturists. On this day, December 22, in India, it is observed as a day to remember and honor the people who have worked so hard to grow food and increase the country’s consumption.

The Indian government declared November as the beginning of Farmers’ Day. The reason for this is that it coincides with the beginning of the harvested season. In many countries around the world, farmers are recognized or given special recognition during the harvest season.

Advantage of Farmers

Farmers have played a vital role in the economic development of numerous countries. The tradition of cultivating different types of crops in order to sell them at markets and create a profit is now practiced in many parts of the world. However, in India, thanks to the efforts of the government, farmers will get appropriate recognition on the date selected for celebrating National Farmers’ Day.

Farmers are not only working hard to grow food but also to save water, feed their families, and make their lives comfortable. On this special day, they will get ample opportunities to promote and advertise agricultural produce through traditional methods.

Farmer's Day
Farmer’s Day

Farmers and Technology

There is an appeal to farmers to use technology that has made farming more efficient and effective. Farmers can also increase their sales. Farmer’s markets, educational institutions, offices, hospitals, and even hotels can observe a sale on the occasion of farmer’s day. The schedules of farmer’s days in various nations will be announced well in advance in order to accommodate the various demands of the traders.

In some countries, Farmers’ day is also celebrated with a special festival, like on the New Year or on any special occasion. The purpose is also to acknowledge the contribution of the farmers to the growth of the economy. The celebration is not limited to the country alone; farmers all over the world participate and share their experiences and culture with the celebration. It also highlights the importance of agriculture to the economy.

During the day, people generally visit farms, markets, and other points of interest. Farmers markets provide facilities like free bus service to local visitors. They also arrange for the distribution of sweets, fruits, chocolates, cakes, and other items to the local residents. Some companies also offer services such as free coffee, tea, water, and many other amenities to the local people.

Farmers have the opportunity to showcase their products and compete with other local vendors and businesses. The largest farmer’s market is held in Wisconsin. Farmers’ markets in the United States and Canada have been celebrated sinceeder’s day in the early 19th century.

They have also celebrated various national holidays associated with agriculture. The federal government also sponsors farmer’s programs. In many states, farmers get a holiday known as Farmers’ Week.

Today, many organizations and individuals promote causes and conduct farm shows to raise money for specific projects. The proceeds from these shows are used for research, community development, and other purposes.

Many organizations like Planned Parenthood, the YMCA, Friends of the Earth, and the League for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LPCA) help to promote causes related to animal welfare and agriculture. The National Organic Coalition also works towards protecting and promoting farmers and rural communities.

Farmers have taken part in social causes like environmentalism, gay rights, social justice, racial equality, immigration, and other related issues. All these reasons have kept the tradition of celebrating Farmer’s Day alive and present even today.

Issues face by Farmers now

Farmers protest in delhi

Why Protesting Farm Laws Can End With Insurance? The Modi government is unlikely to withdraw the three agricultural laws. Farmers are at the Delhi border demanding the same. The government is more likely to reiterate its assurance on the MSP scheme to end the farmers’ protests. here’s why

Thousands of farmers are at Delhi’s borders to protest against the three agricultural bills passed by Parliament in the last monsoon session. They threatened to block the five main routes of entry to Delhi from neighboring states. Farmers say they are ready for the long term in this “decisive battle”.

Narendra Modi’s government has sent out signals that it is ready to help farmers end their unrest before the winter gets harsher and the protest event turns into a super-propagator for Covid-19.

Lakhinpur Khiri Attack – Violence Against villagers Stalls Ambulance Service

On the morning of the 14th of April, a peaceful farmer’s protest in Lakhinpur village, Bardhaman in Darjeeling state, escalated into a violent conflict between local villagers and police when police attempted to disperse the crowd.

According to local residents and reports on the ground, the crowd had gathered outside the school where the farmer’s protest was taking place when the police tried to disperse them by firing tear gas canisters into the air. Some in the crowd were hit and so seriously that they required hospitalization.

Farmer's Day
Farmer’s Day

The police arrested nine people including the main organizer of the farmer’s protest, prompting further unrest. Local residents reported that the deceased one was a woman by the name of Manish who was hit by a police bullet while being arrested. It is not clear how she died but local residents stated that she was pregnant.

There are many unanswered questions about the cause of the violent dispersal of the farmer’s protest in Lakhinpur. However, the Lakhinpur Khiri incident raises important questions regarding the use of excessive force by the government and the role of the local administration in allowing the mob to gather.

On the other hand, most local people remained calm and did nothing to provoke the police who opened fire after dispersing the crowd. Reports suggest that the situation may have been triggered by a minor road accident that lead to stone-throwing as well as by an elderly man who fell at a nearby shopping mall, leading to a stampede.

On the other hand, the Government of West Bengal ( Governor K Rajan ) has stated that the case is being investigated under the incident of disorder and asked for detailed information from the witnesses.

The Government has also ordered an inquiry into the death of a woman who was supposedly killed in a stampede at the local market. Initial investigations suggested that the woman was being abused inside the store but it was ruled out as the body was too badly damaged.

The inquiry also revealed that the crowd had blocked the main road, preventing emergency vehicles to arrive on the spot.

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