Unended Air Crisis, SC Slams Delhi Govt on Air Pollution

SC Slams Delhi Govt on Air Pollution

SC Slams Delhi Govt on Air Pollution. The Supreme Court on Saturday urged the Centre as well as the Delhi government to adopt “emergent measures” that include the imposition of the lockdown of the national capital to “immediately” manage the increasing levels of air pollution.

It lamented the fact that “bashing farmers” over the burning of stubble has become fashionable despite the fact that there are other factors that contribute to the dangerous air quality.

The Supreme Court has suggested the imposition of a few days of lockdown in Delhi and the national capital region in view of the current dangerous levels of air pollution. Ruling that people were being compelled to wear masks even at their homes.

Justice envy Ramana deferred a hearing for the 15th of November on a petition filed by a 17-year-old boy seeking to curb air pollution in the national capital. The Center had informed the top court that it was conducting a meeting with NCR state governments to take immediate steps to curb pollution.

SC Slams Delhi Govt on Air Pollution
SC Slams Delhi Govt on Air Pollution

As it feared that the ambient air quality may soon reach emergency levels while the union government blamed the Punjab state government for failing to tackle the menace of crop stubble burning which led to the current situation.

The apex court questioned the submission observing that it had become a fashion for all governments to bash farmers while ignoring all other aspects. The court questioned the efficacy of other pollution control measures like smog towers, barren firecrackers, and emission control projects while asking the center and state governments to take swift and concrete action to curb air pollution.

Instead of apologizing or blaming pointing to the fact that most schools in Delhi had reopened the apex court made it clear that children cannot be subjected to such high levels of pollution, where SC Slams Delhi Govt on Air Pollution.

Asking the center and states to reply on what steps have been implemented in Delhi so far to combat air pollution. The court noted that action against double burning needs not just enforcement but also incentivization on behalf of the administration and various governments.

The court sought details of how many stubble cutting machines have been made available their cost and the subsidy being given to farmers to abstain from burning stubble. It remains to be seen what action would be initiated from the side of the union government and various state governments.

Why it has become a fashion to bash farmers? SC Slams Delhi Govt on Air Pollution

It had asked the Union Government that why does not ask the chief secretaries of Punjab and Haryana to seize stubble burning for a few days to which the center had responded that the color of political parties does not matter, it is a joint responsibility but implementation will have to take place at the state level.

It remains to be seen what further action would be initiated from the side of various governments. Already there is a commission which was formulated last year to ensure that air quality in the national capital region does not suffer.

Which works according to a created action plan in which the air quality (Delhi Air Pollution) index determines the number of measures that need to be taken at the administrative level, which not only include shutting down of power plants or construction but may also lead to curbs on vehicular movement.

SC Slams Delhi Govt on Air Pollution
SC Slams Delhi Govt on Air Pollution

Something which had even prompted the observation from the apex code that a few days of lockdown may be a plausible solution though the same may only come in as an emergency issue.

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