Stay Physically Active During Quarantine

Stay Physically Active During Quarantine

As diagnosing the symptoms of acute respiratory illness these days. People should stay physically active during quarantine. 

As the cases of COVID-19 are constantly getting adverse day by day. People are requested to stay at home in self-quarantine.

Many countries, fitness centers, meditation centers, and other places where people keep themselves active will remain closed.

Everyone should stay home depending on the situation but staying at home for a long time is very hard for the mind as well as for the body too.

A low level of physical activities and inactive behaviors can have negative effects on health well-being and quality.

Isolation can also cause stress and challenge the mental health of citizens. Meditation and physical activities can be helpful tools to help you stay calm and stay healthy during this time.

The World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75-minute vigorous exercise per week or a combination of the two.

These recommendations can be done at home without any special tools and equipment and with a small space. Here are some tips to stay active at home and reduce inactive behavior:

1. Walk is the very essential active routine

Walk even in a small place can help you to stay healthy. Take that advantage when you are on call while speaking. If you decided to go on a morning or evening walk, be sure to maintain at least a 1-meter distance from other people.

Walk 30 to 45 minutes daily to stay well it will strengthen your heart, boost your immune system, boost your energy level. This is all you need these days.

2. Take short breaks at every interval of time

As everyone is doing work from home, sitting for a long time can have effects on your health and body like weight gain, weak legs, anxiety, and stiff shoulders and neck.

Short breaks add a boost to your body and you may use the time by playing, dancing, gardening, cleaning, etc. 

3. Meditation 

Relaxation and meditation reduce stress, which is very essential nowadays. Meditation and deep breaths can help you stay calm and control anxiety.

Some of the basic meditation:

Sit still and relax your mind and focus on your natural inhaling and exhaling.

Focus on your breath.

Take a deep inhale, expand your belly, and exhale slowly, elongating the out-breath as your belly contracts.

Do this for 5 minutes and feel the difference. There are so many videos and channels on Youtube and articles on google where you can follow more meditation steps for different problems.

4. Eating Healthy 

For staying healthy you need to think healthy and for thinking healthy you need to eat which will nourish you mentally and physically.

Take a small but nourishing meal, like those rich in proteins, vitamins, fruits, and vegetables, and wash before eating.

Reduce the quantity of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

Enjoy the small treats at every interval of time.

5. Drink a lot of water

WHO recommended drinking lukewarm water. Not in this pandemic period but drinking warm water has its own benefits as it is a great immunity booster. 

Cold is a common problem now warm water soothes the nasal and throat congestion.

It helps in digestion and dissolves the fat deposited in the intestine.

Lukewarm water also helps with proper blood circulation and transports blood to the nervous system.

6. Schedule your Exercise

Stick to a routine that includes a small but regular workout. There are so many articles on Easy and Simple Home-Based Exercise and you can find online classes and online videos on different apps. 

Take precautions and be aware of your limits. Building an exercise chart into your daily plan can help you to stay active.


By reading this article you may think this all will takes a lot of time and you are wasting this time by doing all this. But trust me giving 1 or 2 hours from your whole day well worth the effort on your health. 

And when you do all this daily you definitely forget the fancy gym and health centers. All you need to stay and focus on your routine and Stay Physically Active During Quarantine.


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