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online gaming

There are numerous risks that online gaming may pose to teenagers and children, particularly when they engage in playing games that are somehow connected to other people who are also online. Parents who are concerned with their child’s online security must think of the following risks:

Online predators.

Cybercriminals are people whose only aim is to wreak havoc on the lives of others. The most common method used by these cybercriminals is infiltration and invasion of a personal computer system. A large number of kids nowadays are
into online gaming because of this very real danger posed by cybercrime. Parents must be very cautious about this so as to keep their kids safe from cyber threats.

Online bullying.

This can be another risk that comes with online gaming. Many gamers are very cruel and consider it normal to ridicule, harass, and attack other gamers online. And because of this, there have been cases of teenage kids being victimized by online bullying.

Online bullying.
Online bullying.

With this, it is important to install a powerful anti-malware program on your computer. Malware can affect your entire computer system, affecting files, applications, and even the web browser. An online gaming virus is more malicious because aside from corrupting your game files, it can also install malware and trojans. Therefore, if your child joins a gaming site, you must always keep an eye on his internet activity and make sure that he is not a victim of the malware.


Another threat is the so-called “freemium” online games wherein users can freely choose among different in-game purchases, ranging from basic items to highly advanced ones.

Most freemium online games come with spyware, viruses and other forms of malware that can affect your computer. Thus, it is advised that when playing free online games, you must always purchase the necessary in-game items or premium ones.

Xbox Kinect.

Xbox Kinect.
Xbox Kinect.

The Xbox Kinect is a motion-recognition peripheral that lets users control their in-game characters using only the motions of the hands. This innovative gaming console lets players feel the authenticity of gaming through fully immersing their bodies in the action-filled games.
But there are also certain drawbacks of the Xbox Kinect. In the case of online gaming, it allows unwanted people to view the user’s personal information like name, address, and gender. Gamers are required to accept the Xbox Kinect invitation before they can play.

Moreover, there are reports that some users have been scammed because of the Kinect’s lack of security
authentication. There have also been reports that the personal information you input into the game
the console can be used by hackers to obtain your credit card, bank account numbers, and other
personal information.

Despite the risks involved in online gaming consoles and certain risks associated with the Xbox
Kinect, there are still a lot of benefits to be found in playing video games. One of these is the
social interaction that the game consoles provide.

With millions of gamers around the world, it is very unlikely for any player to encounter another individual who does not play the same game as them. This creates a sense of belonging and community among gamers. Online gaming
provides a venue where gamers can speak about their love for video games, their experiences
and adventures with fellow gamers, and even provide support for one another.

One of the risks that were commonly experienced with online gaming before the introduction of the Xbox Kinect was the risk of identity theft. With a variety of websites that allowed free gaming and other types of in-game money transactions, it was easy for gamers to become victims of
identity theft.

There have been reports that several gamers have been scammed because of their eagerness to play video games. With the introduction of microtransactions in online gaming, it is possible for an online gaming site to use third-party applications to allow players to purchase items using their credit cards, which can then be used to purchase items from that particular site.

The introduction of online gaming platforms such as Xbox Kinect has brought about a new wave of competitors in the gaming industry. With many websites offering free games and other forms of in-game money transactions, gamers have been exposed to a number of new gaming platforms.

Many of these websites use gaming platforms as a way of enticing customers into having their credit cards stolen. With some of these websites having millions of users, there is little doubt that a wide variety of individuals are experiencing online gaming fraud on a daily
In order to protect themselves against this type of fraudulent activity, it is important that parents need to become educated about the dangers of video games. Online gaming platforms such as Xbox Kinect was introduced to help combat this issue.

Parents need to learn how to recognize and report any instances of identity theft or fraudulent activity. It may be difficult for a parent to admit that gaming is causing them to feel nervous, but as any parent knows, worrying is not
going to solve anything. With the introduction of online games such as battle royale, it is likely that there will be more parents who learn to overcome their fears and remain happy with their

Some of the safety measures

1. Be aware of the risks.Understand the risks your children may face when they play online games.

  • They could befriend your children in an effort to gain their trust. The predators and scammers may appear to be children themselves give strategies for winning or even give them gifts such as points or virtual items.
  • Some players use games to intimidate or taunt other players with inappropriate words and cheating assaults.
  • Downloads that are good may contain bad content. If children download games from non-reliable websites via links, they could download offensive material such as spam or malware.

2. Make the most of the latest technology.
The most popular games are by parental controls.

  • The majority of websites dedicate a section to parents , and also offer help in setting up control systems.
  • Nearly every game has the option of a chat filter. Check the settings or options for the game, and search for these filters. More than likely, a “profanity filter” will be in the game, so ensure it’s turned on.
  • Many operating systems on computers such as Microsoft include parental safety settings that can ensure that children are safe. These tools let you define the kinds of games that your kids can participate in as well as monitor whom children speak to and when, set time limits, and limit what your kids can see and interact with while playing.
  • Learn how to set these controls and teach your children what they’re to be used for. For instance that they’re not intended to be used to spy at them. They are there rather to protect them.
  • Be aware of any inappropriate or suspect behaviour or content. Ask your children to not be influenced by or block all players who have displayed hostility, forced your child to reveal details, or asked for explicit or inappropriate material. Report any threats of serious nature or harassment to your local police.
  • In the event that the sport your kid has selected does not have monitors then you should look into Timesupkids and KidsWatch apps that can assist you in monitoring the time your child is playing.

3. Play with your children.
Although they may appear frustrated, it’s essential to get involved.

online gaming
online gaming
  • Relax with your children while they play or participate to play. You might find it an enjoyable thing to engage in with your children while staying safe from harm’s way. You’ll be able monitor their interactions with other people and steer them away from a potentially dangerous scenario.
  • Review the ratings of the games your kids would like to play. The majority of games that are sold in retailers are rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). These ratings are used as a guideline when discussing with your children what games they would like to play are appropriate or not.
  • Make sure you play well-known games on reputable websites to avoid the danger of being a victim. The most popular websites are MSN Games, Xbox LIVE and Yahoo! Games.
  • Learn about the game’s rules of playing. Learn how the game service is monitoring players and how they react to complaints of abuse. Review the privacy policy of the site to find out how they make use of and protect your children’s information. If there’s no one, then play elsewhere.

4. Talk with your children.
Keep the lines of communications between your children and you open.

  • Rejoice in their achievements, talk about the things they accomplished and watch for clues regarding dangers they might have faced when playing.

Through teaching youngsters about possible risks of online gaming, they’ll feel more comfortable dealing when confronted with risky or dangerous situations. At the Monique Burr Foundation, we are working hard everyday to keep children safe with MBF prevention education program, comprehensive and developmentally-appropriate abuse, bullying, and child victimization curriculum for grades K – 12th. 

The program helps caregivers, parents, children and school staff members get the necessary information to be aware of all forms of abuse, and how to avoid them from happening. The program also assists children identify and report any dangers they encounter when playing online.

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