Latest GitHub Update: GitHub Classroom with Visual Studio Code

GitHub Classroom with Visual Studio Code

GitHub Classroom with Visual Studio Code, this is the latest update GitHub made. Github starts teaching and learning through Github Classroom and Visual Studio Code (VS Code).

At a high level, GitHub is a cloud-based website and service that helps developers store and manage their code, as well as track and control changes to their code. To understand exactly what GitHub is, you need to know two connected principles:

Version control

In this article, we will first explain those two principles. Later, we’ll dive deeper into GitHub and how you can use GitHub to work with WordPress and/or Kinsta.

Learning with Github and VS Code

Real-world tools assume you’re a pro – Professional developers like to customize their tools, so the environments support advanced customizations, without always showing the quick and easy startup path.

Educators are oversubscribed: Teachers must scale without sacrificing quality.
Students are overwhelmed without easy access to help – friction with tools often causes students to drop out of their introductory classes.

As a result, we are pleased to bring together Visual Studio Code and GitHub Classroom for a seamless teaching and learning experience with our latest extension.

Visual Studio Code extensions allow you to add additional tools to your base installation to better support your workflow.

This GitHub Classroom extension for Visual Studio Code provides a simplified introduction to Git, GitHub Classroom, and Visual Studio Code while providing students with key GitHub Classroom capabilities such as built-in automatic grading and live collaboration.

Students learning computer science face numerous challenges beyond the course material. Complex tools, confusing setup, and overwhelming systems can frustrate both students and teachers before even starting their courses.

To explore these challenges, we have met with numerous students and teachers from around the world to explore these challenges.

Learning Loop

Github Classroom makes learning easy for the students interested in coding. They make it simple as possible for students to get started with Github.

Learning Loop consists of four stages

Stage 1: Provide Lesson, Lab, and Lectures

Stage 2: With Help and discussion they provide you dedicated work

Stage 3: After that work, students need to submit an assignment

Stage 4: On the basis of assignments students gets grading

As part of this effort, our extension for Visual Studio Code provides a student-centric experience that is focused on making it even easier for students to manage their assignments.

Students can self-install the extension and import their assignments, or use the one-click “Open in Visual Studio Code” experience from any assignment where a teacher enables Visual Studio Code as an editor.

Github Classroom with Visual Studio Code
Github Classroom with Visual Studio Code

Once in the extension, students can explore your code, edit and commit changes, submit their assignments, and view their built-in automatic grading results. Additionally, for group projects and office hours, students can use Microsoft Live Share to collaborate with their group members and/or attendees.

Teaching Loop

Instead of spending a lot of time during office hours setting up student machines, Github had added an option for teachers to include a magic “Open in Visual Studio Code” button on student assignments.

Teaching Loop consist of four stages too

Stage 1: First Create Classroom and check assignment

Stage 2: Discuss the lectures and labs

Stage 3: Receive assignments

Stage 4: And Give the grade

Once a student clicks this button, we’ll take care of installing Visual Studio Code and the extension if necessary. Then it will open directly to that task! Magic, if we say so ourselves.

To use Visual Studio Code as the preferred editor for your task, select the Visual Studio Code option when creating a new task.

Screenshot of Visual Studio Code option

Now, all student repositories will include the badge below!

Github Classroom with Visual Studio Code
Github Classroom with Visual Studio Code

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