How to Record Google Meet

How to Record Google Meet

Google Meet makes connecting with your class or team simple and simple. How to Record Google Meet. As a standard feature of G Suite, the app is packed with great options. 

For instance, if all participants or students are able to attend a meeting You can record the meeting and save the meeting.

So, everyone is informed in all times. But who is allowed to record the meeting and how do they work? We’ll discuss all you should be aware of when the recording of Google Meet calls.

Before You Start Recording

In contrast to unlike Google Hangouts, Google Meet is most commonly used in a corporate setting. Google Meet is available on the G Suite account as a standard version has three options which are Business, Basic and Enterprise. They all include Google Meet, but not all support the ability to record meetings.

In reality it’s true that only Enterprise and Enterprise for Education are able to use it. But, Google just recently made some changes to Google Meet. The company announced that in March of 2020 Google declared that every G Suite customers will have access to high-end features.

Live streaming includes up to 250 people, in addition to the option of recording. This is only available until September 30th 2020. Then it’s regular business as normal. But, any recordings that you’ve created during this time will be within the Google Drive. Google Drive.

If your company is using G Suite Basic or Business Basic as well as the Business G Suite account, this is a chance to benefit from the many amazing features that are premium.

Start the Recording

You’re able to record the Google Meet call via the web version of the application. People who are able to join the call via Google Meet using the Google Meet app on Android or iOS devices are unable to start or stop recording. However, they’ll be notified whenever the recording starts and stops.

To record a conference in Google Meet, you have to join the video conference and then start the presentation and then click record. That’s what you have to do:

  1. Visit Google Meet, and begin the meeting by clicking on NEW MEETING
How to Record Google Meet
How to Record Google Meet

2. Click on “More” (three vertical dots) and then “Record meeting.”

How to Record Google Meet
Record Meeting

3. The pop-up will appear which reads “Ask for consent”. Since recording someone without consent is illegal and therefore you must solicit every participant, both from both sides to consent. 

How to Record Google Meet
Record Meeting

4. Click “Start recording.” and Google Meet will email them consent forms. Click on “Start”. Give yourself a few seconds until it start recording.

How to Record Google Meet

5. Recording is started, you can find by seeing red recording box is visible on top left corner.

How to Record Google Meet
Recording Started

Stop the Recording

6. For stopping the recording click on the same three dot and “Stop Recording ” option is available. Click on it.

How to Record Google Meet
Stop Recording

The recording will be converted into an image. This process will take only some time. It will then Google Meet will save it to your Google Drive account of the person who is the organizer of the meeting.

The file can be found using this method to My Drive > Meeting Recordings folder. The organizer of the meeting and those who led the meeting will receive an email containing the hyperlink to download the files.

Download and Share the Recording

Recording a crucial meeting can be extremely beneficial for all members of the group. Not just for those who didn’t attend. Re-reading certain aspects will help you identify items you might have missed.

As stated, the recorded recording is automatically sent to the organizer’s Google Drive storage space. The organizer as well as the person who started the meeting will receive an email featuring the URL. Did you know that you could download the meeting recording to your personal computer?

It’s likely the best method to organize the recording. You can save it to the Drive and also from email. This is how:

  1. Visit to your Meet Recordings folder in Google Drive.
  2. Choose the file you wish to download, and then click “More” (three dots).
  3. Select the Download icon, and save it to your device.

You can follow these steps:

  1. In your email click on the link that will take you to Google Meet. Google Meet recording.
  2. Once the recording is open when the recording is open, click on the Download icon, and save the file on your device.

A Important Point If the recording begins at exactly the time that it was scheduled it will be automatically displayed on the Calendar event. Anyone who attended the meeting and is associated with the same group that was the organizer of the meeting will be given an access point to the recorded.

If You’re Having Issues in Recording

A very frequent problem with one of the most common issues with Google Meet recording feature is that the recording button isn’t working. If this is the case, it’s usually because your administrator has yet to provide access to recording options within Google Meet.

If they’ve done this, and the button isn’t working the user must revisit the settings and ensure that the settings are correct in Google Meet’s Google Admin console. Additionally, the recording option does not exist outside of the Google Meet computer version. Google Meet.

If you’re experiencing difficulty finding the recording’s file It could be due to the fact that the file hasn’t been produced. The length of time it will take will depend on various variables, such as the size of the file as well as the internet connectivity.

Your Recordings Will Always Be Available

If you’re using G Suite Enterprise, the recording and download features will cease in September. But your files will be stored in Google Drive.

For the time being, you’ll be able to record and download all Google Meet calls you to wish to. If you’d like to save them to your computer to upload the recordings it is possible to do also do that. It’s an incredible feature that lets you review and revisit everything at any time.

Have you ever used Google Meet recording and download features? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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