How long this corona will last? Oxygen Crisis!!

How long this corona will last? Oxygen Crisis!!

The never-ending series is going all over the world. How long this corona will last? This was a question that dominated the entire 2020, the disease is here to stay for a long now. India’s covid situation remains terrible.

The country added more than 3 lakh cases every day.

Union Health Ministry data says that new cases of coronavirus recorded over 3.50 lakh. People have been forced to find other ways to get their treatment as beds are running out in hospitals.

Drugs, injections, medicines are already not available and now the oxygen cylinders are also hard to get. Oxygen cylinder and Remdesivir being sold in the black market. Therefore people are suffering for their life, some people are showing their greediness.

How long this corona will last? Oxygen Crisis!!

People are also willing to buy suspicious drugs to save their loved ones. However, they are forced to buy these items from the black market by paying extra money. Several patients died due to the lack of oxygen.

The government is taking action for this by arranging tankers from different countries, which is often enough to run the hospital for a day only.


Newly discovered coronavirus is much more infectious than COVID-19. Symptoms are different this time, some of the symptoms are:

  • Infected people are experiencing mild to moderate respiratory illness.
  • People with medical problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc. are more likely to develop serious illnesses.
  • Loss of appetite, gastrointestinal symptoms.

Inform about the COVID-19 virus is the best way to prevent transmission. Protect yourself and others from infection by drinking lots of lukewarm water and wearing masks.

Center said, that the supply of the oxygen cylinder for industrial purposes will be prohibited. Rapid demand for medical Oxygen has a high- burden for states of Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar-Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Kerala, etc.

Arvind Kejriwal’s government to take over a major oxygen cylinder refilling unit, as directed by Delhi High Court on Tuesday.

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