How Lab Grown Diamonds Pendants are Different?

Lab Grown Diamonds

Difference Between Lab Grown Diamonds Pendants, Traditional diamond pendants are often mined from the earth, but lab-grown diamonds are made in the lab, allowing the creation of diamonds that are identical to those found in nature—only without the environmental concerns and ethical complications of mining. Because of their near-identical appearance and similar pricing, you might be wondering how lab-grown diamonds differ from natural ones. Here’s what you need to know about these lab-grown gemstones before you make your next jewelry purchase!

Are They Really Diamonds?

Laboratory-grown diamonds, or cultured diamonds, are real diamonds. They’re made in a lab through a high-pressure, high-temperature process similar to the one used to make synthetic gemstones like sapphires and rubies. But because they’re not mined out of the ground (where they naturally occur), they have distinct qualities that set them apart from natural diamond pendants. Lab Grown Diamonds pendants include such factors as color—with fewer yellow tints—and clarity—the atomic perfection allows them to be invisible under 10x magnification. Lab Grown Diamonds earrings are also often whiter than their natural counterparts.

Lab created diamonds can also be more affordable than mined diamonds since they don’t require mining equipment or manpower. Some lab created stones even outperform natural ones in terms of hardness and durability. That said, some people prefer Lab Grown Diamonds to mined gems due to environmental concerns over mining practices that can damage land and communities. And while there is no difference between Lab Grown Diamonds Pendants and earrings when it comes to their chemical composition, these stones do have a different crystalline structure than those found deep within Earth’s crust.

More Beautiful, Glowing Stones

Lab Grown Diamonds pendants are grown in a lab with different materials than those used to make their natural counterparts. The result is a smoother, rounded stone that sparkles just as brightly or even more so than a natural diamond.

It also lacks imperfections found in nature—and its cleaner clarity makes for a beautiful piece of jewelry for any occasion. You’ll also find lab-grown diamond earrings that are striking and gorgeous pieces of accessory jewelry.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Because of their stronger molecular structure, lab-grown diamonds can be fashioned into rings with many additional carats than nature-made stones can handle without breaking; they have no limit to how big they can get! Lab-grown diamond pendants make incredibly ornate pendant necklaces you’ll love to wear.

Lab-grown diamonds are available in a variety of colors and cuts, meaning you can choose one that perfectly suits your tastes. Whether you want an all-white look or something with some coloration to it, lab-grown diamond pendants come in both options and everything in between. With stunning colors like reds, blues, yellows, and greens (just to name a few), lab-grown diamond earrings shine just as bright as their natural counterparts. When shopping online, keep an eye out for these telltale signs:

In recent years there has been an increase in production from labs offering GIA certified products.

To Start With A Better Price Point

Lab-grown diamond Pendants aren’t just a novel idea; they’re poised to have a massive impact on an industry that has, for generations, been inherently inaccessible to most people. Lab-grown diamonds cost about 30 percent less than natural diamonds and can be found for as little as $50. While some people might think it’s easy to tell lab-grown from a real diamond with your bare eyes, we guarantee you won’t be able to see any difference! We take pride in our dazzling product by offering one of a kind collection of lab-grown diamond pendants ranging from classic hoop earrings up to the platinum setting.

The delicate yet glamorous lab-grown diamond necklaces are crafted with elegance so there is no doubt why these jewelry pieces are trending all over social media! It’s time to update your look without breaking your bank account. Lab-grown diamonds have finally made luxury items available to everyone at affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself one or two stunning Lab Grown Diamonds pendants today! They will make beautiful gifts too, especially during holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Better Value While both lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are beautiful, lab-grown diamonds are a better value than natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamond earrings, for example, cost around 20% less than comparable natural diamond earrings. The price difference is even more substantial when you look at whole pieces of jewelry such as Lab Grown Diamonds pendants versus real ones.

A 1/2 carat lab-grown diamond solitaire pendant costs only 10% more than a comparable real one! That’s nearly $1,000 in savings! Not to mention that lab-grown diamonds don’t require mining to get them out of the ground or waste precious resources like water.

Plus, lab-grown diamonds aren’t contributing to environmental degradation by destroying ecosystems or contaminating groundwater supplies as mining does. Lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly and earth-friendly all while saving you money!

If you want a truly stunning piece of jewelry that will impress everyone who sees it while not breaking your budget, Lab Grown Diamonds earrings or lab-grown diamond pendants are worth looking into.


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