Cryptocurrency Jokes Are Getting Too Exciting


Cryptocurrency, including such unsavory characters as “Dooge” and “ICO” is a hot topic of discussion these days. From Hollywood to Wall Street to Silicon Valley, individuals from all walks of life are trying to make money on the move with Cryptocurrency. It’s a relatively new field of venture capital, but it’s drawing major players and wannabes to the table like never before. But what is Cryptocurrency anyway?

The Internet funnyman “Ivan Bekic” recently made a podcast explaining how he acquired a very rare coin at an online event. It was sold for thousands of dollars, he said, and people were all over the place posting about it on Twitter. Cryptocurrency is the use of Virtual currencies in Internet settings such as online casinos, online stock exchanges, and online forex trading. Some examples include Litecoin, Peercointrade, and Dogecoin, to name a few.

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What is so fascinating about Cryptocurrency? What makes it appealing to Silicon Valley? How does a 20-year-old from Canada get involved in something so big? And, most importantly, how can someone go about getting involved with the growing future of the cryptocurrency market? There are some important questions that we hope to address as Cryptocurrency and its future is discussed.

Recently, I listened to a very interesting Cryptocurrency Twitter thread about the popular cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Someone had purchased several hundred Doacoins for his birthday and posted a question on Twitter; “Who would want to invest in a coin that has been worth $600 a week at the time of this post? And why? What’s good about it?” The next morning I went to Twitter and was surprised to see a number of replies, many were in support of the birthday Dogecoin deal, and many were against it, they simply didn’t agree that the value of the cryptocurrency was valuable enough to warrant such a high price tag.

One user stated; “I am in favor of the doge because it’s probably the only new crypto technology that will last longer than the gold.” Another stated; “I don’t see how anyone can make money with doge. I mean, how much fun is it to have your own doge?” Another stated; “Dogs don’t poop, people do.” These are very humorous replies and hopefully, show how fun the new crypto technology is for some, but for others, it may be offensive.

If this is how people feel about new technologies, how can we expect the cryptocurrency to endure as long as the gold has lasted? Can you imagine how long gold has maintained its value? Well, the same goes for the new cryptocurrency and it’s only going to grow in value and popularity. Some believe that if it grows it will overtake Litecoin and other minor currencies.

One Twitter user stated; “I am sorry but if dogecoin fails it will be the death of cryptocurrency and all we had was doo. I love doge,” another tweet states. Many have also stated that they want to start collecting doge (Duo) like items and then they will know that there will be a need for an alternative to Cryptocurrency. There have been several tweets that discuss the possibility of a cryptocurrency replacement for the current currency problems.

Many have come to the conclusion that Cryptocurrency jokes are getting out of hand and jokes and comments are starting to seep into the real world. This is just a small taste of the joke that Cryptocurrencies are and it is only a matter of time before jokes become real and the market cap skyrockets. If you have any questions about Cryptocurrencies or anything else you should check out our site below. You can access all of our past articles, social media accounts, and news updates.

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