Business Mitigate the Latest DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks

Have you been attacked by DDoS Attacks that have shut down your business? Do you know how to defend against them? With our assistance, we can help mitigate the latest DDoS attacks and ensure the safety of your company. 

What are DDoS Attacks?

The term Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a strategy to make an online site inaccessible by saturating the system with data from numerous sources. They target a range of vital resources, ranging from news sites to banks, and pose a significant issue in ensuring that users are able to publish crucial information.

DDoS Attacks
DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are becoming more sophisticated 

DDoS attacks are becoming more sophisticated and it is important for businesses to implement safeguards and countermeasures to protect themselves. A DDoS mitigation solution can help limit the potential damage and disruption caused by DDoS attacks. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of key findings regarding attack size, complexity, and motivation. The DDoS threat report also offers recommendations for DDoS mitigation. 

DDoS attack mitigation services can help to reduce the effects of an attack 

Do your best to avoid an attack by having a comprehensive DDoS mitigation service. This will take the burden off of you to mitigate it yourself, and instead should only cost you a fraction of the initial expense. It is easier than ever before to get affordable and reliable protection from these attacks. Some attackers use a tactic called a “DDoS attack” to disrupt a network. If a victim has a DDoS attack mitigation service in place, it can help to reduce the effects of an attack. 

There are two common types of DDoS attacks, volumetric and protocol 

The two types of DDoS attacks, volumetric and protocol, are not uncommon. The first is the most common type of attack, it is carried out by flooding a targeted website or network resource with traffic, therefore denying access to genuine users. This type of attack is typically accomplished with the use of botnets, which are systems of compromised computers that act as individual nodes in the network. 

DDoS attacks are designed to completely disrupt services for customers 

There are a number of complex attacks that can be used to cause disruption. The most significant of these is a Distributed Denial of Service attack. This is an attack designed to completely disrupt services for customers by bombarding the network with fake traffic. We Can Help Your Business Mitigate The Latest DDoS Attacks! DDoS attacks are so powerful they can render any website, server, or computer completely useless. 


DDoS attacks will not fully disrupt our managed services 

DDoS attacks are not always able to completely disrupt our managed services. This is because these types of attacks are designed to saturate the target’s bandwidth and disable access to its service. If done correctly, an attack can be so disruptive that it renders the target’s service unusable. However, if the DDoS mitigation solution is implemented correctly, your company will still be able to access your services during a DDoS attack. 

Do you have a web hosting or DNS provider? Maybe it’s time to review your contract  The attack on a major DNS provider has disrupted internet access across North America and Europe. This major attack, called a DDoS attack, has been occurring more frequently recently as hackers have been exploiting vulnerabilities in the internet infrastructure. At Handy Networks, we’ve been developing DDoS mitigation solutions for over 10 years and can help your business minimize the effects of this type of attack. Do you have a web hosting or DNS provider? Maybe it’s time to review your contract. 

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