25 Tips for Dog Care Your Ultimate Dog Parent’s Guide

25 Tips for Dog Care Your Ultimate Dog Parent's Guide

If you’ve recently adopted a puppy, or you’ve been around dogs all your life, there’s going to be something on this list of dog care tricks you didn’t know and should. As an employee in animal care facilities for over ten years and a huge #doglover, I can assure you that this list of 25 tips of dog care will assist you in becoming more effective as a pet parent.

Dog Health Tips

1.Do not overfeed your dog It will have a significant impact on their health and happiness.

25 Tips for Dog Care Your Ultimate Dog Parent's Guide
dog care

Over 50% of all dogs of America are overweight and this figure is rising. Dogs who are overweight are at greater chance of developing metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases joints and weaker immunity, and other health issues. They are also less mobile and are unable to run or play other things as often as they’d like to. Give your dog a treat and ensure that they are fed the amount recommended by their veterinarian and don’t let your puppy dog’s eyes when they request more!

2.Touch your dog’s nose

The nose of your dog should be dry. The amount of water will differ among dogs and also by season, but healthy dogs will have a cool, slightly wet nose as canines secrete sweat from their noses to cool themselves.

3.Make annual vet appointments

Let experts inspect your dog frequently to look for any health concerns and provide you with the best information, tailored to your needs to ensure that your pet is well for a long time.

4.Create an “pet emergency” kit

Emergencies and accidents happen and having everything you need to assist your dog is an important aspect of becoming a wise pet parent. This is particularly important when you take your dog on a hike or campout, and when you are from assistance. A homemade pet first aid kit is something that every pet owner should own.

5.Get pet insurance

Unexpected and emergency accidents and illnesses can cost anywhere from up to $1500. With up to three-quarters of pet owners needing medical assistance in a year, this could quickly turn into an expensive burden. Pet insurance is a great way to cover unexpected expenses such as prescription medication as well as long-term health conditions and many more which makes it a vital investment for your pet members of your family.

6.Brush your dog’s teeth

25 Tips for Dog Care Your Ultimate Dog Parent's Guide
dog care

The act of brushing your dog’s tooth is often a neglected task, but it is essential for their overall health and helps to avoid costly dental procedures in the near future. Make it a part of your routine, and be sure to use dental toothpaste specifically designed for dogs. With a little time and some training, brushing can be an enjoyable exercise for your dog every day!

7.Create an emergency plan for your home

It’s not something you want to think about, however, it’s imperative to have an emergency program for your pet in case anything happens to you. Write down important details about your dog’s life such as the frequency of their meals as well as the amount they’re fed and medications and their veterinarian’s contact number, etc. Send copies of this list to people in your life who will be able to assist your dog in the event of an emergency. It’s also a good idea to seek out recommendations and ensure you have at minimum two nearby people who can assist your dog on very short notice.

8.Game with Purpose

If you are playing with and petting your dog, particularly in the beginning, make sure to play with their ears, feet, and mouth. When you do things like touching their feet, their toes, and their nails during a positive play experience, you can help to de-sensitize them to being touched in these areas, when it’s time to trim your nails. 

Examining the mouth and ears of your dog and getting them familiar with being handled in this manner will make it simpler for the vet to assess your dog’s health when they go to check-ups. This will make the vet’s job less stressful, your dog will be less stressed during their visit and your vet is more likely to detect any anomalies in the event that there’s something wrong with your dog.

Cleaning and dog-proofing

25 Tips for Dog Care Your Ultimate Dog Parent's Guide
dog care

9.Keep your trash secured

Dogs are attracted by the scent of your garbage and can eat items that are harmful, toxic, or indigestible therefore, ensure that your trash is secured. Ingestion of foreign objects, or harmful substances can result in expensive emergency surgery.

10.Give your dog a safe space

Make sure you have a cool area of your home, with your dog’s bedding or blanket along with some toys and a water bowl in which your dog is secure and is able to take a nap throughout the time of the day. This will allow your dog to relax during difficult situations like birthday parties, crying babies, or even thunderstorms. When your pet was trained in a crate as a puppy rescue or after you were a family member keeping their crate open and accessible when they no longer require it to train could be a great area that they will love having.

11.Secure your home from household toxics

Make sure that the chemicals you use in your homes such as pesticides and cleaners away for your pet. Dogs with a lot of intelligence can and will access products that are stored in the kitchen sink and in garages. Use baby-proof locks to protect cabinets from hazardous products.

12.It is important to regularly wash your pet’s belongings

Pollen, dirt, germs, and more can be found on your pet’s bedding, toys, and blankets. Be sure to wash these items every week to keep them clean and fresh for your pet. If your dog is suffering from allergies during the season, this can help to reduce exposure to pollen.

13.Make sure your dog is kept far from food items for humans

A variety of human-related foods including avocados, chocolate, and onions, can be harmful to dogs and may cause serious harm to their health. Keep food items from reach, and especially be cautious when it comes to chewing gum and candy because they contain xylitol, which is a sugar-like compound that is harmful to dogs.

 Don’t give your dog foods that contain human ingredients in any way unless it is recommended by your vet. Certain human-based foods, such as canned pumpkin, plain chicken, or plain rice could be suggested by your veterinarian for particular reasons, such as diarrhea, stomach upset as a way to disguise oral medications, or as a highly motivating treat for training in small amounts. In these situations “human food” might be the best choice for your dog, however, you shouldn’t wipe your plate clean or consume your leftovers.

Workout and Mental Stimulation

14.Dogs should be walked regularly to ensure their well-being and their happiness

Regular walks offer numerous benefits to your dog. They can help prevent boredom, assist with the digestion tract and ensuring they are at a healthy weight, and help them get rid of excess energy. When you provide them with a stimulating outlet, you might see negative behaviors, such as chewing, barking, or digging, diminish too.

15.Fight boredom by adding variety

Change your dog’s routine by adding extra walks or trips. Go to the dog-friendly area or go for a drive to change the scene. Go on errands with you and play with the toys they play with to keep them entertained.

16.Make your dog think

Like humans, canines require plenty of stimulation to remain happy and healthy. Bring your dog an interactive toy that teaches them new tricks and play games with the toy to keep them busy. Puzzle toys are a great option to give your dog something to enjoy in the event that you’re not able to dedicate all your time to them.

17.The slowing of a massive eater

If your puppy or dog is eating their meals quickly, they run the risk of experiencing stomach upsets or stomach problems that can cause vomiting. Reducing the speed of eating for your dog is beneficial for the health of their digestive system and is easy to accomplish.

 One option is to purchase an animal feeder at an online pet shop or a pet store. Another cheap and easy option is to place the tennis ball of big size in the bowl of their food. The ball and the puzzle toy work the same way making your dog navigate around the non-food-safe obstacles to eat their meals.

18.Work together

Have your dog race around in the park, take a class in dog yoga, walk up steps with your dog, or go on an adventurous walk. Both of you will benefit from the benefits of exercise while you enjoy your time together.


19.Be a friend of your pet

Dogs require the love and affection of their owners to flourish. Be sure that they spend lots of time in the house with you and your loved ones. Offer them treats, attention and enjoy games with them.

20.Be patient with them

25 Tips for Dog Care Your Ultimate Dog Parent's Guide
dog care

It’s not easy when your dog behaves out or doesn’t grasp any new technique however, with a little patience and grace it will be easier to keep trying. If you’re getting dissatisfied, stop training and think about consulting with your vet or your local trainer. Dogs are excellent at interpreting our body language. They will not respond well to training if you’re stressed or upset.

21.Enjoy a night out with them as they take a bite of food

Dogs are pack animals, and you’re part of their pack. Keep them close when they eat and make it an ongoing, communal activity. Foodies who are picky may exhibit more curiosity about their food if they notice that you are taking an interest in their food.


22.You can applaud your pet whenever they manage to relieve themselves from the outside

Potty training isn’t easy, particularly for stubborn dog breeds. Encourage and cheer your dog every time they venture outside and conduct their business each time, and they’ll want to continue the behavior until it becomes a routine. 

If your dog is beginning to be house-trained, take treats to the dog’s yard and reward your dog immediately when they have finished puking or peeing in a place you’re happy with. If you repeat this practice every time, and you take your dog outside frequently enough (including after each meal, following every drink of water, and at least every 4 to 6 hours) housebreaking will become considerably simpler.

23.Make learning a game

25 Tips for Dog Care Your Ultimate Dog Parent's Guide
dog care

Alternate the number of treats as well as the rewards and praise. If your dog views training as a game instead of something that they’re being scolded for, they’ll enjoy it more and get better outcomes. You might also notice that your dog reacts more to various rewards as a result of this process.

 When you train, always reward good behaviors by rewarding them with treats, a clicker or pet, as well as verbal praise. You can also do not reward any bad behavior. They will understand that if are looking for a reward that they should follow through with what you’ve asked of them.

24.Consistent training is key

Choose your “house guidelines” that your pet’s house rules and adhere to these rules! Is your dog allowed on furniture, throughout every room, and around the dining table with the family? Follow the same guidelines and rules when training your dog to avoid confusion. Be sure that all members of your group are on the exact agreement and that they adhere to the rules in order to avoid confusing your dog or causing bad behavior to continue.

25.Immediately correct bad behavior

25 Tips for Dog Care Your Ultimate Dog Parent's Guide
dog care

Dogs have limited memory and, if you correct them for not doing something right 5 minutes after, they’ll not connect the scolding with the unacceptable behavior. Only reprimand them if you notice them in the act. However ensure that you give your dog positive feedback and praise immediately for good behavior, to encourage repeat behavior.

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